Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This Is Aikido?

The other day, my wife took our son to the introductory lesson of the aikido club that trains in Simono Daukanto Primary School, where my son goes to school. She wanted to find out about fees, the class schedule, etc. Although they arrived a bit early, the head of the school (and president of the Lithuanian Traditional Aikido Association) had already launched into his introductory speech. She was, however, able to catch the part with him saying that it was essential to learn aikido to help protect the country from the hoards of "darkies" moving here. Huh? What was that? Now, I'm used to hearing all sorts of people spout all sorts of racist and nationalistic crap here, but using aikido and a rented space in a public school for such a forum seems way out of line to me. Isn't there some international aikido association that this guy could be reported to? From what little I know about aikido, I can't imagine that any dojo (or national organization) would support such hatred. In fact, it seems the antithesis of what aikido stands for. Anybody have any ideas? Thoughts?

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The Puumaja Crew said...

Only just saw this so it may or may not be historical, but I have to say, yes, you are correct in your appraisal of its being counter to all that aikido stands for. I did aikido for a year or so in Vilnius (a very good school by the way, check em out if the kids are still interested, and can't imagine them ever having said anything like that, nor even with my limited Lithuanian did I hear any such comments.
I found it (aikido) very difficult and didn't stick with it, but am now doing bujinkan here in Tallinn, which is a bit more physical but no less fun.