Thursday, 2 October 2008

So It Seems We Were Wrong...

I think it must have been the spring of 1985, when I was a 1st-year university student, that a couple of friends and I figured out the shape of the universe while we were sitting in a bare spot in the middle of a field on a farm in south-central Kansas in the middle of the night. According to our theory, the universe was a parabola (or was it hyperbola?)--23+ years have passed, so I think I can be excused for having an imperfect memory of the theory (and event). Of course, the creative fuel we were using at the time may also be to blame.

You may be able to imagine my shock and disappointment when just a few days ago I received this message:
"I guess we were wrong."
and this link:
New findings reveal that the shape of the Universe is a dodecahedron based on Phi
from one of my fellow scientists/philosophers/(stoners).

One of my friends committed the theory to paper. I wonder if it still exists... Of course, such a thing would have served as incriminating evidence if one's mother would have happened to run across it (which actually happened).

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