Thursday, 29 October 2009

Pickpocket alert

Last Saturday I was sitting in the cafe Vynine on Vilniaus Street with some friends listening to a trio play some jazzy numbers. My mobile telephone was in the inside pocket of my jacket, which I had hung on the back of my chair. When the concert finished, we got up to go and when I checked the pockets of my coat I discovered that my phone was missing. At no time had I left my coat unattended, so my phone was stolen, it's possible to say, right from under my nose, or at least my armpit.

Apparently Vynine is fairly crowded on Friday and Saturday nights (it certainly was when we were there), so it's the perfect place for pickpockets to work. So keep a very close eye on your belongings if you visit there!

By the way, I highly recommend going there to listen to the band that was playing. They sounded very good and were obviously having a great time performing. I'm sorry that I don't know the name of the band, but the lead singer told us that they play there every Friday and Saturday evening, starting at about 9. (But as I said, beware of pickpockets!)


Medziotojas said...

That's a bummer man. Do you still have the same mobile number?

Alan Hendrixson said...

Got sorted with a phone exactly one week later. Strange feeling--living without a mobile for a week. A strange sense of detachment and an odd feeling of being out of the loop. Anyway, my number remains the same.