Sunday, 9 March 2008

Five Things I Will Never Say about Lithuanian Food

5ives (Merlin's Lists of Five Things) ( is a site I like to visit from time to time, especially when I need a dose of comic relief in my day. So, as a tribute to that site I've made my own list of 5ives about Lithuanian food.

Five things I will never say about Lithuanian food

1. There's nothing like warm balandeliai on a cold winter day. (Balandeliai are ground meat and rice wrapped in cabbage leaves and boiled.)

2. This is too spicy for my taste!

3. These cepeliniai are the very definition of haut cuisine. (Cepeliniai are a kind of potato dumping with ground meat inside.)

4. Ah, I love the smell of cooked cabbage in the morning.

5. Yeah, I'll take another pig's ear. There. That one with all the hair on it.

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