Thursday, 20 March 2008


Vilnius, Lithuania is the city in which I've lived for most of the past 11 years. With a population of about 650,000, it's big but not too big. It can with justification be called a beautiful city, but like any other city, it has its ugly parts. I can't say I love it, but I certainly don't hate it. I think you get my drift...

Anyway, some videos and slide shows of the beautiful parts of Vilnius.
A promotional video. Welcoming Spirit is the title of the last section. My comment: yeah, if they know you're a foreigner (who has light-colored skin). It seems to be quite normal for inhabitants to behave rather rudely to each other here.
Driving in Vilnius. This is cool! And good music.
One of three videos made by a French tourist. The highlights of his trip from beginning to end. Very nicely done.
Part two.
Part three.
Actually a slide show. Nice photos. Pleasant music.
A slide show made by some tourists. The last part tells the sad history of the Jewish population of the city in WWII.
Another slide show. But turn the volume down! The music is just pitiful.
Yet another slide show. Warning: Turn the volume down. The music is Lithuanian but the vocalist is singing about Paris!

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