Thursday, 28 May 2009

The Family and Family Month

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and son walked into the Maxima (supermarket chain) near our house and were greeted by some people filming television ads. Vaiva wanted to quickly walk away (as I would have), but Adam saw that anyone who took part could get a cake as a present and he was all for it. So, Vaiva reluctantly agreed. It's family month and as part of that Maxima was filming question and answer sessions with families. The clips air every evening after the news on LNK. We missed their appearance on TV (although many friends and family members caught it), but the clips are also stored on YouTube.

Anyway here's the clip:

Here's a translation of the dialogue:
Adam: Are you happy having two kids like us?
Vaiva: Kids like you are the best in the world. I wouldn't trade you for 100 million other kids. [No, two are sometimes really more than enough.]
Adam: And I wouldn't trade you for anybody or anything else--for a million thousand dollars. Can you imagine life without us?
Vaiva: No, I really can't imagine that. Life would be empty and quiet [or maybe peaceful?] and very sad.
Adam: How do you imagine people without families live?
Vaiva: I suppose they have friends who take the place of family. Having friends, just as having a family, makes life more enjoyable.


Jeff Y. said...

Free cake! Adam is growing up fast. The questions were good. I want to see an unedited version.

Lumilyon said...

Great to have found your blog! Here's something with a Lithuanian theme for you to look at:

Geotacs said...

thanks for sharing!

wonderful reminders about importance of relationsships, whether family of friends


Johan said...

Hello from Holland