Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cambodian Skies

The past few days I've spent all my free time (and not-so-free time--annoyed wife, check; neglected children, check) reading Cambodian Skies Journal. The beginning of the story can be found here. I've found it really engrossing. It truly provides a lot of food for thought.

A description taken from the blog:
Cambodian Skies is a journal like no other that you will read. It shares the journeys, both physical and spiritual, of Pete Calanni, a self-proclaimed ex-hippie from western New York. Cambodian Skies details his travels, the people he meets, his goals, thoughts, fears, ups, and downs. Very real stuff, no glossy fiction here.

And to match the mood: Cambodian music performed by Dengue Fever, a US band with a Cambodian lead singer.

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Anonymous said...

glad to hear you enjoyed reading my brother-in-laws journals. He is back in the US and runs a organic co-op with his Cambodian wife.