Tuesday, 13 May 2008

More Fanaticism

Since my last post was about fanaticism, I decided that this article would be a good follow-up. Actually that link is for another blog that talks about the article and provides a link to it.

The war on drugs? Ah, yes, the dangers of putting fanatics in charge of something that's doing absolutely no good in the first place. Education? Rehab programs? Providing people with other activities? Nah, too complicated. Much easier to simply throw people in prison.

One reason I wanted to provide the link to Boing Boing is that you can then also read the comments there. In particular, one person provides a link (see May 12 11:42 p.m. post) to Bill Hicks describing the war on drugs. Must be seen. You would do well to view the one about mushrooms as well (can be found in related videos). Explains exactly why the government doesn't want people to use shrooms. He hit the nail on the head. Fantastic.

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